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Improving the tattoo experience

TatuYou was created by an inked inventor who saw opportunities for improving the tattoo experience. Angry that his back stuck to the sheets after a new tattoo, he developed Tatu-derm to protect new tattoos from infection and abrasion.

Our marketing strategy started with social media and tattoo conventions to bring the product to tattoo enthusiasts from 2008 to 2010. We expanded our reach engaging with Eikon Device in 2009 as our strategy moved toward distributors for sales. We now have a world wide distribution network in Europe, North America, India, Australia and South Africa.
Interacting with our customers, a number of new ideas have peaked the inventor’s curiosity and he’s been busy developing. We have new products in development to implement ideas that have come from customer feedback.
Our backgrounds are 50+ years of working for US manufacturing companies – inventor guy in engineering, mine in design, sales and supply chain management. We believe our efforts are creating jobs in America by using US manufacturers to build our products.
Tatu-derm® Instructions
How to use Tatu-derm®

Tatu-derm should be applied within one hour of completing the new tattoo.
Moisture from the open skin prevents the adhesive from sticking to the new tattoo.Apply Tatu-derm to clean dry skin with no residue from the tattoo process. Tatu-derm should completely cover the tattoo with one inch all around for good adhesion. Glycerin in green soap residue will react with the adhesive and should be rinsed well before Tatu-derm is applied.Tatu-derm should stay in place for 12 to 24 hours while skin is open and producing fluid. After 24 hours the Tatu-derm can be removed and replaced. The second application can stay in place for couple days as long as it is sticking well to the skin and there is no fluid build up. If the tattoo is done lightly and there is no fluid buildup the initial application can stay in place longer.If redness occurs remove the Tatu-derm and discontinue use. If you are allergic to adhesives test a small piece on your skin. Redness will clear up once the Tatu-derm is removed and the tattoo will not be affected.To remove Tatu-derm, peel it back SLOWLY from the edge or corner. Peel it back over itself, not away from the body. Avoid stretching the skin.

Once Tatu-derm is removed, clean and dry the area and proceed with your preferred topical aftercare.

Tatu-derm is FDA registered product, patented, manufactured and sterilized in the USA.
Tatu-derm is hypoallergenic and latex free.
Tatu-derm has a medical grade waterproof adhesive.
Tatu-derm uses the theory of moist wound management which allows the skin cells to migrate without interruption of infection or abrasion, resulting in an improved tattoo experience.
Tatu-derm is manufactured by TatuYou


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